If you have launched a fundraiser at Kickstarter but you haven’t yet met your funding goal, there is no doubt that this situation can be quite frustrating.

This is especially the case for fundraisers who have come up just short of meeting their ultimate funding goals. Because Kickstarter only releases funds to the originator if – and when – the goal is exceeded or met, this means that a lot of backing never quite makes it to the person or cause that originated it.

Give Your Kickstarter Fundraiser New Life
Give Your Kickstarter Fundraiser New Life

According to statistics posted at Kickstarter’s website, there are over 163,000 projects that were not successfully funded. On the bright side, 78% of funding projects that raised more than 20% of their goal eventually meet their funding requests.

This means there is a great deal of stalled out projects that could benefit from moving their Kickstarter campaign over to We Love Your Cause, a Fundraising platform that welcomes their initiative.


Breathe New Life into Your Kickstarter Campaign

When you’re ready to breathe fresh air into a stalled out Kickstarter campaign, We Love Your Cause allows you easily migrate your existing Kickstarter campaign over to our platform.

Our platform allows you to seamlessly migrate your pitch and your campaign design in under 5 minutes! All you need to know is what your Kickstarter URL is to get your migration moving!

Your newly migrated campaign keeps the design elements and statistics from your existing Kickstarter campaign. If you’ve received any contributions using Kickstarter, this amount will reflect on your migrated campaign so you don’t have to start out with a “Zero Dollar” campaign.

Once your campaign data has been successfully shifted to We Love Your Cause, you can start promoting your cause once again to raise the money you need to fulfill your personal, business or charitable goals.

Once you’ve migrated, whenever you get a donation at our site, our platform automatically updates your campaign to reflect the total number of pledges and amount of money your campaign has made since its inception.

While we are unable to give you access to the funds that were contributed at Kickstarter, any new funds that are raised on our user-friendly platform are available to you based on how you tailor your campaign at We Love Your Cause.

This empowers you to be able to access newly donated funds as you need them, and re-ignite the ambition of your project once again!


Start Your Kickstarter Migration Now!

If you’re ready to give your Kickstarter fundraising project a second life, let We Love Your Cause be the platform that gives you that opportunity!

We cordially invite everyone who currently has a Kickstarter campaign that has not yet met their funding goals to migrate their initiative to us – for free!

The process is quick and easy, but if you run into any migration issues, our helpful staff is standing by to help you through the shift to our site.

All you need to do is Register at our site to get started today!



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