Unite Me With My Half Brother I Just Found Out About

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Howdy all! My name is Kristin and my campaign is to help raise the money I need to travel to meet an entire half-family I never knew I had. It all started one day when I get a message on Facebook from some guy that I didn’t know. Usually I ignore messages from people that don’t look familiar, but for some reason I decided to check out what he had to say. When I opened the message I had to read it three times. The guy’s name was Greg and his message said that he thought I was his half-sister. I was in disbelief and upset at first. He said that he was born in Michigan shortly after my (our) dad joined the military and he wasn’t sure if he even knew about him. He told me that using the power of the Internet, he was able to find me using some old information that his mom held onto over the years. My dad never mentioned anything about him while he was alive (he passed away in 2012) so it was a real shock. But now that I know I have a half brother, I really want to meet him and his family. The only problem is the 1500+ miles between us. This is why I’m asking for your help for the funds. I want to raise $1250 to pay for my travel expenses and have a little extra for a nice gift to give him, his kids and his wife when we finally meet. I hate flying, so I would like to travel by train to get there from Santa Fe. If you have ever found out that you had a half sibling you didn’t know about, you’ll understand my need to know him. Thank you for looking at my campaign and for helping out with however much you can. Yours truly, Kristin L.

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