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We will be able to keep our doors open and there will not be a service disruption for our clients. All the funding will go to our operations and scholarship programming. With your support, children, teens, and adults will continue to emerge with their social thinking and functional education goals. Many of our clients depend on these services to assist them with skill building such as coping and problem solving, perspective taking and relationship building, and executive functioning!

“The exuberance that Amy, from Second Nature Social Skills, brings to her job is amazing! She thinks “outside of the box” when interacting with my son and is creative about trying new strategies to see what will work for him. The visuals she creates for his social scripts helps him retain information to be used in their conversations. It’s a pleasure to have her in my home. -D.K., Hingham

“My family was attending a cookout this summer and I had the usual hesitation about going. With the large crowd I was worried about my son and how uncomfortable he would be, how long would we stay, what kind of fit would my daughter pitch when I said time to go. Joseph has been attending Second Nature (formally known as build-a-bond) for not quite a year. I didn’t realize what a difference it had made until I saw him actually approaching the other kids. He was beginning conversations, laughing and enjoying himself with the other kids. And even though at times I could tell he was recalling something he had learned from session but he was the one who pitched a fit when I said it was time to go. I have cried all the way home from many parties but this time I can honestly say it was because I was so happy and grateful that my son was happy with other kids around him. That’s all any of us could ever want as parents. -Kathleen M. of Marshfield

15 Main Street Ext., Unit 7, Plymouth, MA 02360

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