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Hello everyone!

My name is Brittany. I received a Master’s Degree in Child Psychology from John Hopkins University in 2011. I also hold a degree in Communications. Since getting my degree, I have been working with underprivileged and troubled youth in the Baltimore area. As you probably already know, Baltimore has had some difficult times lately.

Children who are growing up in tougher neighborhoods and without proper guidance can fall prey to the abusive streets and gang life. In the years that I have worked with these kids, it is troubling how hard it can be to get them to open up about the things that are troubling them. Every child is different, but the one thing that I have found to be helpful with gaining trust is the use of toys – particularly dolls – during my sessions with them. That got me to thinking. Dolls are something that kids have always loved. They are like a friend that kids can “talk to” when they want to express their thoughts, but they are not sure how. It came to me that I should design dolls and give them away to the children I work with on a weekly, monthly or as-needed basis. I figured that a nice gift is always a good way to help build trust with kids, so this was sure to work.

By giving them a unique gift designed especially for them, by me, it would not only build trust between us, it would give them something to hold onto when they were feeling scared or insecure. But I also know that there are many other children facing troubled lives that are not under my care. That’s why I want to make enough of them for every child that might be dealing with insecurity or poverty problems at their home. It is like an obsession has come over me! I have spoken with numerous different suppliers and manufacturers about how much it would cost to start producing these dolls ahead of the holiday season.

The estimates including supplies, safe manufacturing and packaging have ranged anywhere from 225K to 300K for an initial run. For my campaign, I am seeking $250,000 to make these dolls become a reality, so they can offer children in need a comforting friend when they need one. Once my goal of 250K is reached, anyone who donates $100 dollars or more will get one of the first dolls produced. Thanks for reading my campaign, donating to my cause and sharing it with their friends and family on Social media websites. This means everything to me and I appreciate your support!





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