If you are a musician with the dream of putting out an album and making it big, Crowdfunding is a great way to rally your friends, fans and family members behind you to make your dream become reality.

Crowdfunding for Musicians

Practice Makes Perfect!

There is no doubt that the best and most dedicated musicians have spent a great deal of their life practicing their art and learning everything they can about the craft. Over time, this quickly turns into substantial amounts of hours practicing, taking lessons, listening to other musicians, and even playing live at local events.

Like the beginning of many creative musical endeavors and careers, it is not uncommon for funds to run low. This is a time when a creative Crowdfunding project could help break some of the financial barriers you are experiencing.

Here are some different ways that you can use Crowdfunding to help propel your musical career.


Pay for Studio Time

Musicians who want to put out an official album will likely need to spend some time in the studio working on their tracks and beats. According to some sources, an average cost for studio time with top engineers, backing musicians and album production can cost anywhere from $10K up to $20K.

For cash-strapped musicians, these costs could be the obstacle that stands between them becoming a household brand musician or not.

Work that is professionally recorded in the studio can then be edited and used to cut an master album or CD, that would then need to be duplicated to bring it to the wider market of fans.


Pay for New Instruments or Gear

If you have been strumming the same guitar or beating the same drum set for too long, you could use your Crowdfunding money to purchase new instruments or other gear to improve your overall sound quality. Other gear could be amplifiers, synthesizers, recording equipment, new microphones, or equipment for when you are on the road and performing live.


Pay for Promotional Materials

Just like any other business or venture, promotional materials are a great way to boost awareness about your music, no matter whether you are in a band or you perform as a solo artist.

Popular promotional materials that are worth investing include T-Shirts, posters, ball caps and tank tops. If you just want to raise awareness, you can give these items away. Alternatively, you may also sell these items for some extra cash if you are actively putting on live performances and have a loyal fan base.


Start Your Crowdfunding Today!

If you are serious about putting your interest in music into overdrive, now is a great time to start your first Crowdfunding campaign to officially launch your career!


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