How it Works gives people the platform to connect with others to help make their ideas come to life. Whether you want to raise funds for a charity, a personal cause, or a business idea, you’ll find our Crowdfunding site is the solution for your fundraising goals!


1. Launch Your Campaign!


2. Connect With Supporters!


3. Collect Funds!

Pricing and Fees

We do not charge a commission for transactions at our site. We charge 50 cents per transaction as a processing fee.

The payment processor charges a fee of 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction.

All in, the fee is 2.9% plus 80 cents per transaction.


Don’t Delay! Turn Your Idea Into A Reality Today!

Connect With People From All Over Who Want To Fund Your Project.



Raise Funds

We help you expand your contribution base to make sure you raise the funds you need to meet your campaign goals. The ability to use all major credit cards make it easy for backers to select their preferred payment method.


Straightforward And Simple

Getting started is quick and easy. Launching a great new campaign page will only take a few minutes when you use our simple campaign editor.  Publicize your campaign when you’re ready to accept contributions.


It’s Free To Launch!

We never charge set-up fees. This makes launching your Crowdfunding campaign a “no-brainer.” We also help spread the word about your campaign for no charge.


Watch Your Campaign Grow!

Our Crowdfunding platform gives you access to the insights of your campaign , so you understand more about who is backing your project. The more you know, the smarter you are able to run your campaign!



“ helped me with finding supporters for my charitable work from all over the United States. I was amazed by the outpouring of support and new connections I made using their platform.”

Meghan Stoudhill
Charity Organizer


“Not only did my WeLoveYourCause campaign excite fans with the ability to offer them Rewards for backing my new album, it motivated me to keep to my deadlines so I could have the finished product done in time to meet my fans expectations.”

Kevin Brickner


“I was struggling to find the funding I needed in the traditional world to scale up my business venture until I used We Love Your Cause. Their platform connected me with my first 1,000 customers, so I could continue to pursue my dream business! Thanks!”

Robin Gillespie

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