Disclosures and Legal

We understand that the goal is to raise as much money as possible for the campaigns that run at our site. We have actually gone back and forth on even charging a transaction fee because we know that people that are dealing with hardship need everything that they can get.

fundraising on the webWe charge the 50 cents per transaction so that we can cover the cost of software development, security, support, design, etc. There truly is a lot that goes into running a site like this and we have numerous experts that consult with us to ensure that we are keeping up to par with all technology changes that are taking place in the market. We also have legal consultants that help to keep us in line with the laws.

We welcome comments and questions from anyone out there. We welcome contacts from the Press as well. We believe that our platform is truly beneficial and helpful to the greater community and we do our best to keep our fees down. We believe that by not charging a flat commission that people are encouraged to give more.

Note that we will NEVER charge anyone for making a contribution or for backing a project. If someone wants to give $25 then they are charged $25. The fees are taken from that $25 and the net goes direct to the campaigner owner.

As an example:

John gives $100 for a great cause

The $100 comes into our payment processing platform and $0.50 goes to WeLoveYourCause.com. This leaves $99.50 for which Stripe, our payment processor takes 2.9% and 30 cents per transaction.

$99.20 after the 30 cent charge.

$99.20 multipled by 2.9% leaves $96.32

$96.32 is deposited into the account of the campaign owner. John feels good. We feel good. The campaign owner can fund whatever their cause is. Yay!

WeLoveYourCause.com is a DBA of Webier Consulting, LLC. Webier is our web development agency. We develop solutions for clients and then we have our own ideas that we bring to reality. Consider hiring our web development firm for your website design or web development project. We are crowdfunding experts so feel free to ask about that. We can develop a crowdfunding site for any niche that you might want to help.

There are no specific legal or regulatory requirements that apply to the type of fundraising that we do at weloveyourcause.com. We are considered a “Donation and Rewards based Crowdfunding” platform. It is only when people are looking to raise money for a business in exchange for “Equity” that there needs to be securities registrations and additional disclosures and oversight. We do not handle any of that here at weloveyourcause.com

If we can help Fido to have that hip surgery that he needs or if we can help a family that has a tragic loss in a time of need then we are happy and we feel good about doing what we do.

All the best to our friends and family out there. We hope that all of our campaigns are amazingly successful.


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