Crowdfunding FAQ

How Does work?

That is a great question! is an online Reward and Donation based fundraising platform that’s created for people to Crowdsource – or raise funds – for the projects that are closest to your heart!

What Am I Allowed to Raise Money For?

You can use to Crowdfund for nearly any endeavor that you can think of. Typically, our platform is used to raise funds for personal endeavors, to help loved ones when they are facing financial hardships, to kickstart business startups, to pay for educational or travel expenses and much, much more!

What Types Of Campaigns Are Not Permitted? does not allow Crowdfunding campaigns that promote hate, violence, discrimination, personal injury, death, damage to property, or other activities that are prohibited by Local, State or Federal Laws.

I Don't Live In The United States, Can I Use Your Platform To Raise Funds?

Currently, only supports US based Crowdfunding campaigns. We aim to add more supported countries as we grow and thrive, so check back often for updates!

Can I Migrate An Existing Kickstarter Campaign To Your Platform?

Absolutely! offers people who have an existing Kickstarter campaign the ability to seamlessly migrate their campaign data, including campaign details and the amount they have already raised, to our platform. Any funds raised through our platform are available as per the initial campaign setup. Funds that were previously raised on Kickstarter are not available for us to disperse.

What Information Do I Have to Give You to Launch a Campaign?

People who want to launch a campaign using our platform are required to register a free account that includes your name, Email address, and other basic contact information. Be sure to use an Email address that you check regularly for updates and notifications from us! We value our users privacy and will never sell or disclose your account data to third-parties.

How Does Reward-Based Crowdfunding Work?

This type of Crowdfunding platform allows people who have active campaigns to give their backers “Rewards” for supporting their project when they make donations in a set denomination. For instance, let’s say that your favorite local band has a “Goal” of raising $10,000 to pay for Studio time and production costs on their first CD. Any fan who donates $50 is entitled to a free copy of their CD once it’s produced. Fans who contribute $150 are entitled to a signed copy of the CD. Anyone who donates $500 or more to their cause is entitled to have them perform live at their event. Offering great Rewards to your backers is a great way to encourage support among your biggest friends, fans, and family.

What If I Don’t Have a Reward to Offer My Backers?

No problem! This type of fundraiser is known as a “Donation-Based” campaign. Although it is always nice to offer your backers a token of appreciation for their support, if you don’t have a Reward to give them, you’re still welcome to host your Crowdfunding campaign at

How Do I Make My Crowdfunding Page?

Crowdfunding is still a relatively new concept to many people. We understand that many people don’t have a strong technological background. If you need help designing your Crowdfunding campaign page, our dedicated staff members are happy to help you. They’re skilled with designing attractive and professional pages that can feature images and videos with more information on your project.

How Will People Know about My Crowdfunding Campaign?

The best way to generate donations for your campaign is by contacting people you already know. Our platform allows you to easily share your campaign with your friends, family, and fans on Facebook, Twitter, and your other favorite social networking websites. In most cases, you’ll find the greatest number of supporters in your existing circle of friends, family, and associates. Generally, a Rewards-based Crowdfunding campaign encourages larger donations so you can meet your funding goals faster.

Do I Have to Pay for Anything to Start a Campaign?

Nope! There is absolutely no charge for kicking off a Crowdfunding campaign at

Do You Collect Any Fees at All from My Campaign?

We never ask our users to pay a listing fee, however, there is a nominal 5% flat fee on all transactions that are generated using our Crowdfunding interface. These fees are used to develop and improve our technology and cover costs associated with managing all aspects of our service.

What Types of Payments Are Accepted?

Currently, accepts secure payments using Paypal and Stripe. Stripe is compatible with major Credit Cards including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

I Submitted My Campaign, But I Don't See It Published. What Happened?

All newly launched campaigns are reviewed by our Staff before it “goes live.” Once approved, you will be notified by Email that your campaign is published and able to accept contributions.

How Will I Know When Someone Has Contributed to My Campaign?

When someone makes a donation and backs your cause, you will be notified immediately via the Email address you used at registration.

How Can I Withdraw the Funds from My Donors? allows users to withdraw their funds via Paypal after their donation transaction has settled – typically 1 business day. People who do not use Paypal or prefer to receive funds in a different format should Contact us to make arrangements for other payment options. We offer Wire Transfers, Direct Deposit, and Paper Checks as alternative payment methods. If you have launched a “Goal-Based” Crowdfunding campaign, you can withdraw your funds once your “Goal” has been met. If you don’t reach your “Goal” within your set deadline, all raised funds are returned to your donors.

I’m Not Finding an Answer to My Question Here!

Our FAQ is a “Work in Progress” so we will add more entries as more FAQ’s arise! If you have a question and you couldn’t find the answer here, please Contact Us to speak with a representative.

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