It’s no secret that Crowdfunding campaigns that attract press coverage get the most money. For a successful campaign, it’s vital to get the media to cover your story. This coverage helps you “go viral” so you can attract more funding. If you already have a community you can leverage, that’s an excellent starting point for any campaign. When you’re able to add media coverage and excite the people in your existing circles, they can help push your campaign to new heights.


Before you put a crowdfunding campaign in action, it’s important to have a clearly defined story that people can relate to with when they hear it.

Your story should be a narrative about where you’re coming from and where a successful campaign will take you. When you create an emotional bond with your story, people will become engaged and very interested in seeing your campaign become successful.

Think of your story as the “hook” to get media coverage. People always relate to stories. An easily understood “elevator pitch” is helpful for getting media personalities and bloggers interested in, and talking about, your cause. Your pitch should be short, sweet and to the point. It should give anyone an overview of who you are and why they should help fund you quickly.

When you want media coverage, it pays to research first. Don’t bother sending your release to the wrong people. Your message won’t have any impact if you do that. Instead, make sure that you have aligned with people that can help spread your message with others that are likely to take an interest in your cause. Before making efforts to publicize your campaign directly, ask yourself some important questions that will help you outline your story. What is unique and compelling about you and your cause? Take some time to brainstorm and come up with bullet points that define the major goals of your story. The more personable and personal you are with your approach, the better.

Once you have developed your story for the most impact and launched your campaign, start contacting friends, family member and anyone in your circles that you consider to be an “influencer.”

In most cases, it doesn’t take long to get the campaign ball rolling. People who are interested in your cause will promote your campaign to their friends, fans, and followers. This typically sets off immediate donations to your campaign… and the more people see others donating to your cause, the more likely they are to join them with financial support!


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