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We understand that life would mean nothing if no one had meaningful causes, dreams and goals to aspire to. That’s the reason WeLoveYourCause.com was founded.

The purpose of our Donation and Rewards based crowdfunding site is to help people raise the funds they need to help them make their dreams and goals become a reality. We’re also here to help people when they’re facing a rough patch in life.

In return, the people, projects, and causes that are being backed at our site can “pay it forward” by offering qualified supporters “rewards” for their investments in their ventures. Keep in mind that we also do donation based crowdfunding so a reward is not required.

Let’s Make the World a Better Place Together!

WeLoveYourCause.com helps with Donation and Reward based Crowdfunding for the following:

  • Artists
  • Musicians
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small Businesses
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Humanitarian Causes
  • Personal Causes
  • Medical Reasons
  • Charitable Causes
  • Family Needs
  • Emergencies
  • Memorials
  • Community Drives
  • Educational Causes
  • ..Your Project or Cause!

We believe in the power of the people. There are a lot of great things that can be achieved when society is willing to help raise each other up and offer encouragement in times of doubt.

WeLoveYourCause.com was driven with the objective of offering a platform where people could reach out to others. To help one another grow, to be creative, to dream and most importantly, to never give up!

No matter what challenges you’re facing, whether they’re personal or professional, you can be sure that there are people out there who want to help you!

All you need to do is launch a campaign that tells your story. Once it is active you can start accepting donations and contributions to help you meet your financial goals!


WeLoveYourCause.com Makes Crowdfunding Fun and Easy!


It’s never been faster or easier for people to launch Crowdfunding campaigns and support ideas and causes that are close to their heart!


Joining in on the fun is absolutely free!


People who want to launch their own Crowdfunding campaign can get started by creating a free profile ( ← Link to profile registration page here). For best results, the more information you’re able to provide, the better.. and don’t forget to add the rewards that await your backers for their undying support!


Once your campaign is active, you can invite your friends, family and colleagues to help you realize your goals and reward them for their support! How great is that?


We welcome everyone to join our site! WeLoveYourCause.com is here to support the hopes and dreams of our fellow humankind, so by helping someone else, you are actually helping yourself!


Have more questions? Read our FAQ or Contact Us to get the answers about WeLoveYourCause.com that you’re looking for!


At We Love Your Cause, we work to help people to raise money for all types of campaigns. Work with our designers to create a great looking page that can be shared and viewed by others. Register for an account for free at our site and enter your campaign details. Set a goal for fundraising and even offer rewards to people that make a pledge to your campaign.



To take fundraising and personal funding campaigns that have traditionally been done by word of mouth or face to face and move them to the web.  With a well designed page that tells the “story” of the campaign people can raise more money than ever and do it faster than ever.



Our donation and reward based Crowdfunding platform can help to bring millions of dollars in to those that need it.

Our Approach

We Love Your Cause is all about getting the word out and making it easy for people to contribute.  A campaign owner can have funds deposited direct into the Paypal® or Stripe® account of their choice and can set various reward levels as well as funding details.

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