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Let's Raise Some Money! makes it easy for people to raise money for a family, a friend, a pet, a school, for children, or for an idea or project!

Zero commission crowdfunding. We do not charge a flat percent commission rate, allowing people to raise money for their favorite cause.




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Pricing and Fees

We do not charge a commission for transactions at our site. We charge 50 cents per transaction as a processing fee.

The payment processor charges a fee of 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction.

All in, the fee is 2.9% plus 80 cents per transaction.

We NEVER charge backers a penny. If someone gives $25.00 then they are charged $25.00.

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Why Choose Us?

Dynamic Crowdfunding

Zero Commission Donation-Based or Reward-Based Crowdfunding helps you raise money like never before.

Enable Custom Pledges

Custom pledges give you the control to set your preferred donation amounts, so you can meet your funding goals faster!

Zero Commission Crowdfunding

Our zero percent commission model means that more money stays with you. Some sites charge 5% or more. That is nonsense.

Real-Time Campaign Tracking

Monitor and track your campaigns in real-time! Our advanced tools give you access to the trends of your campaign, your supporters and your payment history.

Zero Commission Crowdfunding for your favorite cause could not be easier!Learn More


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